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Winston Churchill
Harmonic Health

About Us

Harmonic Health was founded by Tom Hawkins and Tracy Morgan.  After working together in a wellness technology business, they realised that their respective clients and patients were making significantly quicker progress if both physical and psychological performance modalities could be allied to improve overall health. 

Remember – health is not one thing, its everything!

Tracy Morgan

When asked what she does, Tracy modestly replies,
"I help people overcome their health challenges and maintain total wellness, whether mental or physical, without the use of medical drugs." 
With over 25 years experience as an integrated health practitioner, Tracy has accumulated a wide ranging portfolio of qualifications and experience including: McTimoney Chiropractic, Sports Medicine Physiotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy,  Rehabilitation Exercise and Fitness Specialist.
"I love my job; no two days are the same or rather no two appointments! One appointment I am treating an injured sports person, next a baby, then it's the stressed executive.
Clinically, I often see the 'end of line' people that other treatment modalities have written off.  It is a very rewarding, seeing the smile on their face when you help them to regain health and achieve what they thought (and have often been told) was not possible!"


Zoe Cokayne
Zoe joined Harmonic Health in January 2009.  She has over 15 years experience as a sport physio and like Tracy is also a McTimoney Chiropractor.  As well as working at the clinic, Zoe is the Medical Director at the Centre of Excellence for Watford Football Club's Girls Accademy.  She has also been the physio and rehabilitation trainer at St Albans Rugby Club for the last 5 years.