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Harmonic Health

How effective is it?

Very.There have been six published clinical trials showing that the Buteyko Breathing Technique is extremely effective.

The Brisbane trial (1998) on moderately asthmatic patientsshowed:
Reliever use reduced by 90% in 3 months
Inhaled steroid use reduced by 49% in 3 months.

The Strathclyde Trials 2001 (600 asthmatic patients),published by the British Thoracic Society, showed that:
98% had reduced asthma symptoms-coughing, wheezing, breathlessness
98% had reduced need for reliever medication
92% had reduced need for inhaled preventer medication
96% had reduced need for oral preventer medication

These impressive results are echoed by thousands of people who all agree that by following the Buteyko method, their lives have significantly improved .

What will my doctor think?
Currently few doctors in the UK have first-hand experience of Buteyko. However, most of them are aware of it as Buteyko is recognised and recommended in BTS/SIGNS the NHS guidelines for doctors.
Buteyko is truly complementary to conventional medical treatment, as it empowers the patient to manage their condition so that they experience fewer symptoms.
Buteyko practitioners request that patients do not change their medication except under the guidance of their doctor. However, as validated in the clinical trials, most patients see a significant reduction in use of their reliever medication as their symptoms reduce.
Once the patient can show they are experiencing fewer symptoms, most doctors are happy to discuss the reduction of preventative medication.

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