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Harmonic Health

What does it involve?


The Buteyko Breathing Technique (BBT) is usually learnt over a course of 5 sessions.
Each session will include:
        an assessment of your breathing technique
        you will learn a series of progressive breathing exercises
        a short lecture / discussion on factors that affect our breathing.

By the end of the course you should have developed a correct breathing pattern and have all the tools you need to effectively control your breathing, thus reducing your symptoms significantly.

What is the commitment needed?
BBT is usually a course of five, 1 hour sessions spread over 5 weeks. 
During the time of the course you will be asked to do:
        3 sets of 20 minute breathing exercises per day
        Plus a 15 minute nose breathing walk.

How quickly will I see results?
It is an exercise programme, if you stick to the programme most people see improvements within the first 2 weeks.

What does it cost?
Buteyko Breathing Technique is taught in small groups or 1 to 1.
Group courses are from £150
Individual course are from £300
For children please see specific information.

Do I need any equipment?
Not really, you need an upright chair, a stop watch or clock with a second hand and if you currently monitor your peak flow, your peak flow meter.

Where are we?
Buteyko at Harmonic Health is located in Bushey, Hertfordshire with excellent mainline rail links to central London via Watford Junction.

For more information or to book please email  tracy@harmonichealth.net
or call Tracy Morgan 01923 250605