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Harmonic Health

Will Buteyko work for me?

Asthma – Allergy, exercise or stress induced, all respond well to Buteyko.  Asthmatics can expect to see up to a 90% reduction in reliever medication within the first two weeks.

Rhinitis – Breathing through your nose may seem impossible with chronically blocked nasal passages. Learning the first exercise of Buteyko which is nose clearing will allow you to breath freely, thus reducing the symptoms you experience.

Sinusitis – The Buteyko method has been shown to improve sinusitis (providing there has been no severe damage to the facial bones or a septum deviation).  For many it ends the frequent need for antibiotics and facial pain.

Snoring – night time mouth breathing frequently results in snoring – a problem not just for the snorer but the whole household.  Using the Buteyko method and teaching the muscles of the mouth to stay closed snoring can successfully be stopped.

Disturbed sleep pattern – often causes by irratic breathing patterns causing the body to be under stress and resulting in restlessness.  If you wake more than once during the night, wake with a dry mouth or blocked nose you may have a dysfunctional breathing pattern.  Buteyko will allow you to reset your breathing to normal, result is better sleep.      

Sleep apnoea – is where the person stops breathing, their body responses to this with a big breath that wakes them up.  Untreated sleep apnoea can cause critical health issues.  Most of these people sleep with their mouths open, so we use the same technique as the snorers.

Breathless panic attacks - frequently a panic attack has symptoms of breath shortness.  These attacks are then made worse by the panic of being breathless and on the worsening cycle goes.  In a Buteyko class you will learn a technique to reset the feeling of breath shortness and therefore lessen the panic, the result is shorter and fewer panic attacks.

Hay fever or respiratory symptom allergies – often referred to as 'asthma of the nose' in eastern medicine, this group of conditions respond very quickly to Buteyko – giving symptom relief and in many cases resolving the allergies.

Anxiety related headaches or migraines – often caused by chronic hyperventilation causing blood vessels to constrict.  Buteyko Breathing Technique corrects the breathing pattern, resulting in a significant reduction of headaches and migraines.

Anxiety related high blood pressure – often the same reasons as anxiety headaches and migraines.

Yes: Buteyko can work for you.