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Buteyko for Children

Asthma is now the most common disease in children in the UK.  One in seven children are currently diagnosed as suffering from asthma and use prescribed asthma medication.  Conditions related to breathing and respiratory disease accounts for one in three GP visits.

The main reasons for children suffering asthma are:
Mouth breathing
A dysfunctional / erratic breathing pattern
As an allergic response
Lack of physical exercise
Over weight

Reducing even one of these factors makes it possible to reduce asthma symptoms.   

The benefits of the Buteyko Breathing Technique (BBT) have been seen in children as young as 3 years old.

BBT can be taught to children as young as 8 years old.  This can be done either in a small group or 1 to 1.
For younger children the technique is adapted to make it more fun and game-like; time for the whole family to get involved!  Children under 8 years old are usually taught in a 1 to 1 session, this enables the technique to be tailored specifically to the child.

Buteyko is a safe and natural solution to control asthma symptoms and can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.

Seeing your child's life limited by their asthma is bad enough, but living with the constant fear that an acute attack is just around the corner places the whole family under stress and restriction.  Buteyko has changed the lifes of thousands for the better.
Just imaging what would your child be able to do if they were free from the wheeze?

To discuss how the Buteyko Breathing Technique can work for your child please email tracy@harmonichealth.net
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