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Buteyko and Sport

  The Buteyko Breathing Technique has been used for many years to help sports people of all levels.  It is known that most of the Australian Olympic team use some or all the Buteyko techniques to aid in their sports performance.

If the sports person is asthmatic, we would generally recommend they follow the normal 5 session course for the best results.  If they do not have any respiratory dysfunction the Buteyko technique is tailored to meet their specific requirements.

What difference will the Buteyko Breathing Technique make to sports performance?
The results range depending on the type of sport, the individual's current breathing pattern (both at rest and whilst at exertion) and how well the individual incorporates the technique into their sport.

Generally sports people report that they are able to perform aerobic type activity for a longer period, with less lactic acid build up and have a faster recovery time. This enables them to increase the intesity of their training programmes with the result being a better sport performance.

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