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As a life long asthmatic I was excited at the prospects that Buteyko offered.  I attended 5 sessions of the Buteyko Breathing Technique and I have already acheived the following improvements to my life:
After the first week, I have not had to use my reliever inhaler for 4 weeks.
I don't sneeze and cough every morning.
I have stopped constantly clearing my throat.
I can walk for at least 1/2 hour at a fast pace without wheezing.
I feel great and it has only taken 5 weeks!
Mrs I G - Harrow

My son (aged 9) and I did the 5 session course together with Tracy.  He suffers from mild asthma, which is worse in the winter and sometimes stops him playing sport.  I suffer from hayfever and shortness of breath when stressed.  Buteyko is an exercise programme which needs to be done 3 times a day for the best results and I was concerned that a 9 year old would get fed up but Tracy made the sessions fun and she developed the exercises so that he saw them as a game and a challenge not a chore!  What great results: writing this 3 months after we completed the course my son has not had any asthma attacks and I have successfully controlled my breathing through a very stressful time.  Thank you.
Mrs L - Bushey

"I am 7, my asthma was bad if I played any sports and I couldn't play football with my friends.  I did the breathing exercises 3 times every day and now my asthma is better. I don't wheeze or cough now and I can play football, maybe next year I will be in the school team.  The best bit of the exercises for breathing was beating my Mum at the snakes and ladders game, she was rubbish at holding her breath."
Quote from one of my younger Buteyko clients.

For years I managed my asthma with inhalers but when I started getting hayfever as well in 2002, my asthma got so bad that I could hardly go out in the summer if the pollen count high.  I was living on high levels of inhalers, prescribed
hayfever medication and shut indoors most of the day.  I did the 6 sessions of Buteyko breathing (April 2009) and saw an improvement by the second week.  It is now September 2009 and this summer has been great - no asthma attacks and the hayfever easily controlled with over the counter medicine.  The Buteyko training was hard work and took about a hour a day but the results were worth every minute.
Mr J James - Stanmore