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Benjamin Franklin
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The birth process is one of the most physically traumatic experiences that we go through. Testimonials

Poor sleeper and very unsettled
I first took my daughter to see Tracy when she was about 11 weeks old. I had a long and difficult labour with her, and as a result had an extremely unsettled, fractious baby. She never slept for longer than 20 minutes when lying down, any longer periods of peace were gained from walking around with her in a sling or taking her for a drive in the car. By 11 weeks, I was shattered, there was no change in this pattern and I was desperate for a happier baby and so desperate for some sleep, a friend suggested taking her to see Tracy.

The results were remarkable, after her first treatment, we took her home and she fed then slept for 4 hours straight that night, another feed then another 3 hours sleep. I honestly couldn't believe the transformation! This continued for about 5 days, with a much happier baby during the day too, she then started gettingmore unsettled, and we took her back for a 2nd appointment with Tracy a week later.Once again, the results were incredible,and we havenever looked back since that appointment. We still go for check up appointments and we have a happy healthy baby.
Morag. Aylesbury

Grumpy baby
Grace was 3 months old when we brought her to see Tracy. Grace was not a happy baby from the start. She cried all the time, never slept in the day and no more than 10 minutes at a time a night. We had Grace checked by doctors, mid-wives and she even had scans but they did not find anything wrong and was labelled a 'grumpy baby'.

When we took her to see Tracy, she worked her 'magic' on Grace. After the first appointment, she slept for more than 3 hours in one go. We have been back for follow up appointments but since that first treatment Grace has been a happy content baby, who loves to sleep and play.
Jannine.St Albans

Rarely nowadays to parents wait for their child to have painful tooth ache before seeing a dentist. Most parents do not think twice about taking their children for regular dental check ups the principal being that teeth should be checked every 6 months to identify any potential problems before they become serious. When you think that children only use their teeth to eat, yet they use their spine constantly; every time they sit, run, stand, play, jump and even sleep. Surely it makes sense to have regular check ups to this vital structure.

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