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Ralph Waldo Emerson
Harmonic Health

Toddler to Teenager

As children enter the formal school programme this is often the time that difference in development compared with their pier group become very obvious. Sometimes this is just that each of us is unique and develop at a different rate but it can also be linked to a slow physical and neurological development. During the early school years children are challenged both physically and mentally, this can create stress on the body and mind.

disturbed sleep patterns,
sleep walking or nightmares,
uneven wear pattern on shoes,
complains of muscle soreness or joint pains,
excessive fatigue,
frequent falls or inappropriate outburst of anger.


Poor running action
I first took my daughter to see Tracy after her pre school informed me that they thought that she had problems with her feet or legs. They suggested I keep an eye on Jess, as she wasn't developing as well as the other childrenwith her running, jumping, hopping etc. I had noticed that she couldn't walk up and down stairs properly and that when she ran it looked rather odd but I didn't think that it was anything to worry about.I first took Jess to see the health visitor who made an appointment at the children's hospital for her to be checked but there would be a long wait.

After speaking to my sister I decided to take Jess to see Tracy as I was really worried and I didn't want to wait ages for the hospital appointment to come through. Tracy was excellent with Jess right from the start, because Tracy works from her home we didn't have to go into the hustle and bustle of a hospital, Tracy checked her over and told me that it was nothing serious but that her ankles and leg muscles were working equally and that one of her knees was slightly twisted, Jess laid on the table and Tracy worked her "magic hands" to straightenand put back everything where it should be,Tracy gave Jess exercises that were fun and that we could incorporate into play. We went back and saw Tracy weekly for 4 weeks,each time we saw her she came up with different ways to exercisewhich were all fun. The improvement was amazing and as Jess improved she gained in confidence as well. I remember the first time that she rode her bike; she was so excited that she could peddle it properly; the first thing she wanted to do was phone Tracy and tell her.She can now hop and walk up and down the stairs properly, all things that she couldn't do before.We now take Jess back to see Tracy once every 3 months for her "service".
Mrs T Rowles. Bushey

Hyper-active and bad sleeper
My son has always been a hyper-active child throughout the day and I felt his body wasn't even getting rest whilst he was sleeping. He constantly tossed and turned in his sleep, fell out the bed on various occasions and general had disturbed sleep every night. He couldn't get to sleep quickly and woke up early every day. So when he was 8, on the suggestion of a friend I decided to take him to see Tracy Morgan.
The evening of the first appointment was the first night ever that he went off to sleep quickly and actually laid in. Hewas relaxed and calmand didn't even turn over much at all in his sleep. He hasn't fallen out of bed and the covers are kept on instead of being on the floor in the morning.
Owen is now nearly 15 years of age and regularly plays football and isin the process of a largegrowth spurt. Throughthis and his sport if he becomes injured I send him to Tracy Morgan and all is put 'straight' and sometimes has exercises for him to complete andcontinue after the session.
Owen sees Tracyapproximately once a year forhis sleepdisorder, general check upand any sports injuries as and when they occur, I believekeepshis body in a balancedstate, which can only be good for anyone who wishes to look after their body, especially when their body is experiencingthe biggest growth stage of their life and hope this will prevent complications later in life.
Tracey D Wartnaby. Hemel Hempsted

I can't remember not having headaches but after falling off my pony they got worse and so my Mum took me to Tracy. I'm not really sure what she did but it was really relaxing and gentle, apparently my head and neck were wonky. I now see her every two month and I have hardly had any headaches since that first treatment. It's really cool.
Victoria (aged 14). Watford

Poor concentration
"The Stunt Man" was my son's nickname, he was always jumping, climbing, running and consequently he had lots of accidents. After one major fall from a tree resulting in a broken arm and having his head glued we noticed he was very grumpy and shouted a lot, over the next 4 months this got more frequent and his school had commented that his behaviour and attention were getting worse. We went to Tracy (which he was not impressed about until he saw the photos of all the rugby players she treats on her wall) she found he could not move his neck correctly to one side and his eye muscles were not equal. Tracy did cranial treatment and gave him exercises what a change after 3 sessions I had my happy funny son back.
Tracy is now my first call (sometimes after A&E) when The Stunt Man gets a performance wrong!
A very grateful Nicky. Bushey

Rarely nowadays to parents wait for their child to have painful tooth ache before seeing a dentist. Most parents do not think twice about taking their children for regular dental check ups the principal being that teeth should be checked every 6 months to identify any potential problems before they become serious. When you think that children only use their teeth to eat, yet they use their spine constantly; every time they sit, run, stand, play, jump and even sleep. Surely it makes sense to have regular check ups to this vital structure.
"As the twig is bent, so the tree grows" Alexander Pope.