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Harmonic Health

Assess your child


  • Difficultly feeding from one side
  • Uneven head and neck movement
  • Disturbed and distresses sleep patterns
  • Flattened head shape
  • Very difficult to settle
  • Dislikes being in certain positions
  • Weak neck or floppy baby


  • Slow to sit, crawl or stand
  • Fussy eaters
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Unequal movement in all joints
  • Appears to 'waddle' when walking or running
  • Easily frustrated with physical activities

Children to Teenagers:

  • Wears one shoe more heavily than the other
  • Wears shoes unevenly comparing inner and outer edges
  • Stands with one shoulder higher
  • Always stands with one leg slightly bent
  • Suffers with headaches or migranes
  • Poor and disturbed sleep patterns
  • Frequent night mares or sleep walkers
  • Appears to walk or run unevenly
  • Frequently falls over 'nothing'
  • Very clumsy
  • Poor co-ordination
  • Poor concentration
  • Finds it difficult to sit or stand up straight.

My child seems fine. Why should they see a chiropractor if they seem OK?

Rarely nowadays to parents wait for their child to have painful tooth ache before seeing a dentist. Most parents do not think twice about taking their children for regular dental check ups the principal being that teeth should be checked every 6 months to identify any potential problems before they become serious.

When you think that children only use their teeth to eat, yet they use their spine constantly; every time they sit, run, stand, play, jump and even sleep. Surely it makes sense to have regular check ups to this vital structure.

"As the twig is bent, so the tree grows" Alexander Pope.