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Sports Injuries Therapy

Whether you are an Olympic sports person or an enthusiastic keep fitter, when you have an injury you need specialist treatment to return you to full participation in your sport as fast and effectively as possible.

The traditional treatment of injuries is based on resting and allowing the body to heal itself in time, with the focus on returning the patient to normal life activities driving, walking, and climbing the stairs not to an active lifestyle with full sporting fitness.

Tracy Morgan offers more than 25 years experience in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports people. Her patients come from a wide range of sports - professional rugby players to ballet dancers and Irish dancers to adventure racers - as well as a wide range of people who play sport and keep fit for fun.

Tracy understands that the rehabilitation phase of injury recovery must be tailored to the functional needs of the specific sport (or even the position on the pitch) and the individual thus maximising time and effort in recovery and minimizing time away from their sporting and activities.

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